Donkey-Anti-Mouse, IgG, 10 nm

In many cases double labeling experiments are based on using two primary antibodies from different animal species, for instance mouse and rabbit. Of late, we have noticed an increasing number of users that have primary antibodies developed in goat. It is impossible to perform a double labeling experiment in combination with, for instance a mouse primary antibody, since applicable secondary antibodies are either raised in rabbit or goat. Hence the Goat-anti-Mouse would be recognized by the Rabbit-anti-Goat, and it would be impossible to get reliable results. In the past, only using directly labeled primary antibodies would solve this. This would require researchers to go through the lengthy procedure of preparing such conjugates and even then with limited success.

To overcome this difficulty we are proud to release the Aurion Series of Secondary ImmunoGold conjugates based on antibodies raised in Donkey, including Donkey-anti-Goat. It is then known that mixing Donkey-anti-Goat and Donkey-anti-Mouse provides a successful solution to the above mentioned case.

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