Double 50/50 Mesh, Ni

3.05 mm diameter, 0.7 mil (18µm) thickness
Material: Nickel (Ni)

Double grids are used mostly in metallurgical applications for supporting thin metal foils. These grids have a curved securing tab which folds to the curvature of the 'sandwiched' grid. Four configurations are available:

    Technical Data µm
Type Packed Pitch Hole Bar
GD50/50 100/Vial 500/500 430/430 70/70

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Manufacturer: Gilder Grids
SKU: GD50-Ni
Pack: 100 Vial
A: 500/500
B: 430/430
C: 70/70
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Quantity 10+
Price $65.50
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Material Nickel