DURA-SEAL 4"x500ft

A Durable Heat-Resistant, Solvent-Proof Laboratory Stretch Film

Heat-Resistant And Microwave Compatible – Withstands temperatures up to 100°C (boiling water)

Chemically Resistant – Resists essentially all solvents and caustic agents

Tear Resistant – Film can stretch 500-800% before breaking or tearing

Clings – Film can cling to itself following stretching

Tight Sealing – Forms an airtight barrier

Permeability Information

Oxygen 125cc/100in2/24 hrs at 23°C
Carbon Dioxide 1300cc/100in2/24 hrs at 23°C
Water Vapor 1.0g/100in2/24 hrs at 38°C and 90% R.H.
SKU: 70994-05
Pack: 500 ft