A newly designed mold which is convenient and offers better embedments. This tray-and-mold in one unit offers a unique specimen block that no other mold can.


  1. Trays-and-molds are self standing. There is no need for a holding tray
  2. Easy Orientation of Specimens.
    The tip of each mold is only 0.3 mm thick and is designed to be transparent. This facilitates the orientation of your specimen prior to polymerization
  3. They form a Universal Block.
    Many microscopists have to embed large specimens. The Easy Mold tip forms a flat block face which is wide enough for large specimens. This wide surface helps to prevent air bubbles being trapped around the specimen during polymerization. In addition, a positive guide form on the block offers an accurate position for clamping
  4. Free Airflow for Even Polymerization.
    Easy Mold trays raise the molds away from the surface of the oven, allowing air of a constant temperature to circulate freely and evenly around the specimen tip during the hardening process
  5. Sealing of Capsules
    If you are using Acrylate or other volatile embedding mediums (LR White, GMA, HPMA), the molds can be sealed by placing another Easy Mold on the top, and by applying a little pressure you can seal the capsule completely
  6. Easy to Remove the Polymerized Block.
    Due to the softness of the bottom of the mold, to release the block simply push the bottom of the mold with your thumb and your block will just pop out. There is no need for razor blades or a Capsule Press!
  7. Convenient Storage and Identification of Sectioned Blocks
    Each cavity on the Easy Mold is numbered, and data can be written on the trays. Used Easy Molds can be used for the storage of blocks which have already been sectioned, and filed away by stacking one tray on top of another. There is no need for block storage boxes

Technical Specifications

Each tray contains 2x10 block molds and measures 87 x 66 mm.
Size 8 mm diameter, which corresponds to gelatin and BEEM® capsule size "00" and forms a block face of 3 mm.

SKU: 69931-25
Pack: 25 Pack