Embedding Bar, 24 x 24 mm Deep Wells

This section offers you a simple system of stainless steel well bars, chucks and freezing blocks, kept cold in cryostat, allow you to perform a variety of precision embedding techniques addressing the most difficult embedding tasks with ease and minimum time needed.

  • 20 to 60 seconds to freeze (depending on the well size)
  • Multiple samples handled quickly
  • No monitoring necessary (for placement of heat extractor)
  • Precise flat or on edge embedding
  • Predictable orientation
  • Liquid samples easily embedded
  • No crush artifact caused by heat extractor weight
Reduced Tissue Waste
  • Less trimming the result of flat plane of embedding
  • Minute samples embedding in the same plane.
Easy and Comfortable
  • Less cryostat adjustments
  • Comfortably preformed on a shelf just inside most cryostats
  • Easy to used – and safe time
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