EMS Tweezer Style SM 110

Straight "T" shaped tips with a vertical groove inside for holding cylindrical objects up to 1mm diameter. Length: 4¾" (120 mm).

Absolutely perfect for holding and installing Omniprobe Tips (sold separately). Especially if you're using Cryo-lift out and have to install the tip with the rod already inserted into the SEM chamber.

Forceps provide a firm grip and longitudainal stability reducing the chance of dropping the tip.

A: Tip Thinkness (mm), B: Tip Width (mm), C: Material

Cat # Description A B C Pack Price Quote Quantity
Cat #: 78250-100 Description: Surface Mount Tweezers Style 100 A: 0.45 B: 2.0 D: SS Pack: Each Price: $29.00 Add to Quote: