Full Sys., RB Light, Green-Only Filter, PULSE Lamp

The Leica EZ4 Mounting Adapter enables you to use the NIGHTSEA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence System with the Leica EZ4 series of stereo microscopes, with or without integrated camera. Easily attach the barrier filter magnetically and hold the filter shield in place with a thumbscrew. The adapter is available for purchase separately to quickly move between the Leica EZ4 and other stereo microscopes (see below).

  • Lamp Base with Power Supply and International Plug Set
  • Light Head –Ultraviolet, Violet, Royal Blue, Cyan, or Green
  • Leica EZ4 Mounting adapter
  • Barrier Filter
  • Viewing Shield
  • Padded Travel Case
Pulse Lamp Base

Includes lamp base with power, lighthead, ring adapter, barrier filter and filter sheild.

Manufacturer: NIGHTSEA
Pack: Each