Glass Bead Sterilizers, Model Bs1000

These glass bead sterilizers are quick and easy to use and they are compact and light weight which makes them suitable for table tops or workbenches. They are used to sterilize instruments used in most laboratories and doctors' offices, dentists' offices, clinics, hospitals etc, killing spores and bacteria within 10 seconds!

All units are supplied with one filling of glass beads. Glass beads size ranging 1.5 – 2.0 mm diameter.

Model BS1000
Cabinet Size L x W x H, mm 150 x 195 x 225
Crucible Size, mm Diameter x Depth 50 x 137.5
Preset Temperature Range, °C 245-265
Initial Stabilization Time 30 minutes
Weight (Inclusive Glass Beads) 4.13 kg
Wattage 250, single phase
Electrical 220V or 110V

We suggest that glass beads be replaced at least once in three months.

Clean the glass beads at least once every 2 weeks. Remove glass beads when the unit is completely cool. Wash with mild soap, rinse and dry thoroughly before re-use.

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