Grid Staining Matrix System Kit

This unique staining device allows you to stain up to 25 grids at one time or as little as one The Matrix system has a simply alpha-numeric identification system. The unit is not solvent or chemically resistant to acids so all stains should be aqueous based only. The system requires very little stain and you may use different vessels for each stain.

The amount of Volume of stain required is as follows:

21 - 25 grids 11 mL
16 - 20 grids 9 mL
11 - 15 grids 7 mL
06 - 10 grids 5 mL
01 - 05 grids 3 mL

Each system includes: Matrix Body and 2 each of the Staining Vessels (Red and Blue)

SKU: 71179-01
Pack: Each