Hollande's Fixative, 50X10mL/15mL cup size

A modification of Bouin's solution. It is stable and will decalcify small bone specimens. Tissue that is fixed with Hollande's can be stained successfully with most stains, and the cupric acetate in the solution stabilizes red blood cell membranes and cosinophil and endocrine cell granules so that less lysis occurs than with Bouin's solution. Hollande's is widely used as a fixative for biopsy specimens of the gastrointestinal tract.

Thorough washing of the fixative prior to placing the specimen in a phosphate buffered formalin solution is necessary because the salts present in the solution will form an insoluble phosphate precipitate. Packaged in leak-proof histo-containers; prefilled ready-to-use.

SKU: 64120-10
Pack: 50 x 10 mL