Hot Plate Ceramic Top 120V, Each

Top of the Line Features

  • Warning system deters accidental contact with hot surface
  • Remote probe allow for accurate reading of solution temperature to 0.1°C for temperature below 100°C
  • User-adjustable over-temperature protection prevents runaway temperature conditions
  • 24 months warranty

Product Description & Operation

  • Rugged low profile cast aluminum body provides stability and durability
  • Unit designed provides protection of internal components in case of spillage
  • Available in 7 x 7" and 10 x 10" sizes
  • Accommodates sample weights up to 35 lbs (19.5kg) on the 10 x 10" models, 25 lbs (11.3kg) on 7 x 7" models
  • Integral ring stand holder accommodates 0.5" (1.3cm) diameter support rod
  • Unique, single knob design controls heating. Set points go up slowly when the knob is rotated slowly, faster as the knob is rotated faster. The knob then is locked out to avoid accidental changes
  • RS232 port enables you to output time count, temperature set points, top surface/remote probe temperature, to a printer or computer
  • All models supplied with 6" type K probe, detachable cord and retention bracket that prevents cord from accidentally removed.
  • Easy-to-read digital displays indicate temperature settings adjustable in 1°C increments
  • Designed to provide superior control of temperatures below 100°C
  • Ideal for cold room application. Can be used in a 0 to 27°C, 80% relative humidity, non-condensation environment
  • User programmable preset buttons allow for up to four often-used temperatures to be recalled at the touch of a single button. Ideal for lab that perform repetitive procedures
  • Hot surface alert systems protect from accidental burns.
  • Walk away timer shuts off heating after a preset user-defined interval
  • Independently adjustable over temperature protection circuit limits top plate temperature and prevent run away conditions.
  • Calibration mode allows remote probe to be calibrated to external standard and at any temperature the user selects.

Ceramic Top

  • Seamless reflective white ceramic top enhances sample visibility and provides an easy-to-clean and alkali/acid resistant surface.
Model # Volts Amps Watts Overall Dimension Heating
Temp Range Weight
HP131725Q 1, 2 100-120 5.5 660 8.2"W x 3.8"H x 13"D
(33cm x 20.8cm x 9.7cm)
9.7 (4.4)
SKU: 72342-12
Pack: Each