Hybriwell Sealing Chamber, 9.8mm X 20mm X 0.25mm Depth

HybriWell™ Sealing System

HybriWell Sealing Chambers System seals securely to a microscope slide surface in seconds – for most protein and nucleic acid assays


  • Enclose a single or multiple specimens in a small reagent volume
  • Access ports in the chamber surface allow for the addition or removal of reactants
  • Ports are easily sealed using Adhesive Seal Tabs (provided) to prevent reagent evaporation.
  • Sealed chambers are watertight and ideally suited for water-bath incubations.
  • RNase free, hydrophobic surfaces will not trap or bind probes.
  • Disposable chamber remove cleanly and easily even after heating.
  • Come with Non-Adhesive Peeling Tab

200 Port Seals included with all Secure-Seal Adhesive Chambers

6 Well Secure-Seal Adhesive Chamber
9.8 mm x 20 mm x 0.25 mm Depth
25 mm x 70 mm OD
Approx. 50 µl Vol per chamber

SKU: 70328-35
Pack: 100 Pack