Ilford Multigrade Iv Rc Deluxe, 5X7

This is a direct replacement for the Kodak Polycontrast IV RC B&W Papers. Neutral tone – Variable contrast.

MULTIGRADE IV RC Deluxe has the standard weight of (190g/m 2)with a resin coated base.

  • Resin Coated – Black & White
  • Non-Developer Incorporated
  • 12 Contrast Grades with MULTIGRADE Fibers
  • Glossy Surface
  • Compatible with the Kodak OC Filter
  • Dish/Tray Processing
  • Developer: Mutigrade, Bromophen or PQ Universal
  • Fixer: Ilford Rapid Fixer or Hypam
Manufacturer: Ilford Photo
SKU: 83020-25
Pack: 250 Pack