Locking Clips

The Revolutionary Way for Mailing and Storing Samples

• Boxes - Made from polypropylene, envelope shape, available with or without an inner frame. These boxes are the safest way for mailing or storing fragile samples. They are impact and shock resistant With a living-hinge, opaque-clear, reusable and recyclable. The boxes are available in many sizes and styles to fit your needs. Closing Clips and Security Seals are also available as an option.

• Vials – are made from polystyrene and they are tough and crystal clear and come with a friction lid. Cocoon Boxes are also available to accept these vials for safe storing and/or mailing valuable samples.


arrow101. BE3, BE3A, BE3B, and BE3D

Box BE3 comes with inner frame to form a cocoon; BE3A is without an inner frame offering more room inside of the box; BE3B comes with 8 round cavities, each 0.94" x 0.62"H (24 x 16 mm) for storing Vials DB20; BE3D comes with 6 round cavities each 1.29" x 0.62"H (33 x 16 mm) for storing vials DDB30

Used to secure the cocoon boxes, clips snap together to keep cocoon boxes securely locked.

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