LockMailer™ Microscope Slide Jar, 100/pk

This is a tamperproof multi purpose container for mailing, staining or storing microscope slides.

Constructed of extra strong and opaque clear polypropylene, and high density polyethylene leakproof tamper evident screw cap (The LockMailer can also be used without the tamper evident feature by not used the lock tab), it will hold up to 4 standard 3 x 1" or 25 x 75 mm slides vertically. Inside chambers are slotted to keep slides safely separated. For color coding purposes, use Capinsert™ (#61805-series) that may be inserted on top of closure.

This LockMailer™ can be used as small staining vessel. This unit is designed for maximum stability on a bench top with liquid volume only 14 ml. Each standard volume of one slide is 2 ml, therefore when you want to stain 4 slides in this vessel you need only 6 ml of staining solution.

Dimensions: 35 x87 mm H (1⅜" x 3-7/16" H). Packaging: 100 per pack.

SKU: 71406-10
Pack: 100 Pack
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Material Polypropylene