MicroMesh Mounts, 400µm Diameter, 10µm Openings, Pin 11mm

MicroMesh™ Mounts are the tool of choice for microcrystal crystallography and diffraction experiments, especially at micro-focus beam-lines. They have been use in de novo protein structure determination from crystals as small as 5µm.

They are excellent for rods shaped crystals, and are superior to mount with elliptical apertures, because the mesh provides continuous, gentle support for rods of all sizes.

MicroMesh™ produce the smallest background scatter of any commercial mount. Their sieve-like action allows easy retrieval of sub 30µm crystals.

We offer five different sizes MicroMesh™. All are 10µm thick, with curved around tip, mounted on non-magnetic stainless steel pin as the same way as MicroMount™, producing scoop like action. Three  of 400 µm diameter mesh area with 10, 25, and 50 µm openings. One of 700 µm diameter with mesh area with 25 µm openings.

These four are available as single-size boxes, or in an assortment. Multiple small crystals can be retrieved and mounted together, spread out over the mesh. The diffraction properties of each crystals can be separately interrogated using a small (<100 µm) X-ray beam, so crystal heterogeneity and maximum diffraction quality yielded by a given drop’s conditions can be quickly determined. This is useful in early crystallization trials when showers of crystals and precipitate are obtained.

When a drop contains many crystals, two or more crystallographic forms may be present which can differ dramatically in the quality of their diffraction. The regular grid of each MicroMesh makes it easy to match a diffraction pattern with a crystal and habit. Minimal crystals can be used.

Excess liquid can be removed using size #15 liquid wicks. Mounts can be cleaned using Medium or Fine liquid wicks.

The fifth MicroMesh™ Mount has an 80 µm diameter mesh area with 15µm openings. This small head is designed to fit entirely within the 80µm and larger X-ray beams typical of standard synchrotron beam-lines and of focused laboratory sources. Consequently, you do not have to see your tiny crystal to align it, just center the 80 µm head in the beam, and your crystal will be within it.

The smaller head also makes it easier to mount a single crystal, and produces less background scatter when the beam is aligned along the plane of the film.

Each box contains 20 MicroMesh™ Mounts. Assortment box contain 5 each of 400/10, 400/25, 400/50, 700/25, and 800/15 MicroMesh mounts, each attached to nonmagnetic stainless steel pin. Pins are marked in 2 mm intervals, and can be cut or to your desired length.

SKU: 60151-11
Pack: 20 Pack