Model 490 Thermosafe Insulated Shipper

These shippers and containers offer the ideal solution for the safe storage and delivery of most refrigerated or frozen materials, including pharmaceuticals, laboratory specimens, serum and vaccines, human organs, culture packs, and nuclear and isotope materials.

When shipping dry ice or utilizing dry ice as a refrigerant, these shippers provide excellent dry ice sublimation – average dry ice usage in 1½ thick wall units is 5 lbs for the first 24 hours; 3-4 lbs thereafter.

Model Construction Dimensions
L" x W" x H"
Inner Outer
490* Foam & Carton 11¾ x 10 x 5 15 x 13¼ x 9 x16

*These foam box sets suit for shipping by UPS or other carriers.

SKU: 61536-90
Pack: Each