Model Mxs-750-Hd

Overall Benefits:

  • Easier testing of your SPM.
  • Improved accuracy of critical dimension measurements.
  • Accuracy: 0.5% (1 std. dev.).

Features and Benefits:

  • Holographic fabrication - assures high accuracy and precision.
  • Pattern height > 100 nm - provide excellent image contrast.
  • Uniform coverage of entire chip - save time (can image anywhere).


  • Nominal calibrated dimensions: 300 or 700 nm.
  • Calibration certificate: supplied with each sample, stating the dimension to the nearest 1 nm.
  • Pattern types: 1- or 2—Dimensional. The calibrated dimension is the same for both axes for the 2-D standard.
  • Feature geometry:
    -parallel ridges (1-D, 300 or 700 nm)
    -cylindrical posts (2-D 300 nm)
    -diamond-shaped posts (2-D 700 nm)
  • Physical Size: 3 mm x 4 mm x 0.5 mm.
  • Substrate: Silicon wafer.
  • Top surface: Tungsten film.

The 1-D standards can be scanned using any AFM mode, including contact mode. The 2-D standards can be scanned using modes such as Tapping Mode™, intermittent contact, and non-contact.

Model 750-HD
High Durability Calibration Reference Specimen for AFM and STM

Each specimen is supplied with a calibration certificate. Can be used for AFM, STM and SEM. Has been used successfully in a hot water AFM.

Nominal pattern dimensions: Pitch 750 nm
  Height 100 nm
Nominal specimen dimensions: 6.35 mm diameter, 0.3 mm thick
Composition: Solid Nickel


1. Pereira, D.E.D. & Claudio-da-Silva, Jr., E. “Improvement of AFM as an analytical Instrument for Residual Lignin Characterization” in: Proceedings International Symposium on Wood and Pulping Chemistry, Helsinki, Finland, June 1995.

2. Pereria, D.E.D, Chernoff, D., Claudio-da-Silva, Jr. E., & Cemuner, B.J., “The use of AFM to investigate the delignification process: Part I –AFM performance by differentiating pulping processes”, to be published.

AFM Phase imaging, PT, pattern: random hard & soft domain as small as 10 nm, nominal pitch: none, material: polymer.

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