Molybdenum Grids 100#

TEM Specimen Supports in Molybdenum

We have extended our range of TEM grid materials to include four types, which are now available in Molybdenum. The new products are manufactured using a process known as chemical "milling" (etching) instead of the more familiar technique of "electroforming" (deposition) that is used in the manufacture of copper, nickel and gold products. Molybdenum is used principally in applications where it's high temperature, hardness, expansion of coefficient and corrosion resistance characteristics are considered important. The material which is used has a purity of 99.9%.

Symbol Mo
Atomic number 42
Melting point 2617.0°C (2890.15°K, 4742.6°F)
Boiling point 4612.0°C (4885.15°K, 8333.6°F)
Density 10.22 g/cm3


  100# Grid
Overall Diameter 3.05mm
Rim Width 0.225mm
Rim Mark Yes
Center Mark Yes
Lines/inch 100
Pitch 250µm
Bar Width 45µm
Hole Width 205µm
Overall thickness 25µm
SKU: G100-MO
Pack: 25 Vial
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Mesh 100
Material Molybdenum