Oncyte Nova 96 NC Square Pads / 6 x 6 mm for SBS Microtiter Plate

ProPlate Microtiter Plate (MP)

Patented ProPlate™ technology for high throughput robotic processing of microarrays

Bottomless SBS compliant microtiter plate superstructures were developed for use with robotic processors. TheSuperstructures come in a permanently affixed well format – the ProPlate MP™, or a removable well format – the FlexPlate MP™.

The ProPlate MP™ SBS compliant microtiter plate features a SecureSeal™ Plus adhesive bonding system applied to a bottomless 96-round well, black, polystyrene microtiter plate. Simply peel off the protective polyliner and apply large format array for automated processing.

The proprietary adhesive forms a water-tight seal between a microarray substrate and the bottomless microtiter plate. Grace Bio Labs offers plate with SBS standard spacing in both 96-well (shown) and 384-well formats.

Key product features include

  • Guaranteed flat SBS compliant microtiter plate format which enables robotic processing of assays
  • Water-tight seal between superstructure and substrate
  • With glass substrates.
  • 96 square well format
  • Microtiter plate with ONCYTE® Nitrocellulose Coated Substrates.
  • SBS standard spacing.
Manufacturer: Grace Bio-Labs
SKU: 63485-25
Pack: Each