Perfusion Chambers, 1 Chamber, 2.5mm (D)

CoverWell™ Perfusion Chambers allows up to 16 different specimens on one coverglass

"Press-to-Seal" covers form water-tight, multiwall cell incubation or cytochemistry chamber when pressed to coverslips or microscope slides. Reagents can be quickly added and removed through dual access ports (1.5mm Dia) without disturbing or cross-contaminating specimens in adjacent wells.


  • Chambers are removable for permanent mounting of specimens
  • CoverWell™ chambers are made from medical grade silicone bonded to clear, UV transparent plastic
  • Available in multiple designs allowing up to sixteen different specimens or analytical test on one coverglass.
  • Ideal for cell imaging on upright or inverted microscopes.

All CoverWells have 1.5 mm Diameter port.

1 Well – 20 mm Dia
25 mm x 25mm OD
20 per pack

SKU: 70326-16
Pack: 20 Pack