Pipette 1.5ml Sm Bulb Ext Tip Non-Sterile Bulk 104mm

These unbreakable, one-piece pipettes eliminate contaminated rubber bulbs, broken glass and exposure to infectious materials. They are made of ultra-clear, low density polyethylene (LDPE) and are ideal for microbiology, blood banking, hematology, immunology and urinalysis. Sterile pipettes are excellent for micro-biology and tissue culture applications. Their low-affinity surface reduces sample, cell or protein loss.

Whether you make your selection based on length, bulb draw, pipette capacity or number of drops per ml, one of these designs is likely to be suitable for your application. Some have ultra-fine extended tips that allow for extremely precise dispensing and access to the narrowest vessels. They can also be heat sealed for airtight sample storage. Their uniform drop size can be used for reproducible spotting of gels & TLC plates, and for dispensing into test plates, ID strips, PCR tubes or 96 well plates.

  • Transparent, non-toxic & inert
  • Precise, uniform drop size
  • Shatter-proof & unbreakable
  • Can be used with LN2 (-196°C)
  • Heat sealable
Type, Pack Bulb Draw Drops/ml Length
Sterile, Ind Wrap 1.0 ml 50 104 mm
SKU: 70977-15
Pack: 500 Pack