Processor Tray

Made from Pyrex® glass which offers better temperature conductivity and stability than any other material and is chemically resistant and microwave transparent.

he EMS 9002, when used in conjunction with our EMS 9000 processor, improves ultra-structural preservation during microwave assisted chemical fixation and reduces infiltration times dramatically.


Vacuum Pump

Voltage 115V
Amps 2.6
CFM (Free Air) .8
Fittings ¼" I.D. tubing

Cassette Rack

Material All PTFE


Dimensions Tray: 12" x 10" x 5"

Bowl: 9.75" diameter x 2" depth

Liquid Capacity 2.9 liters
Vacuum Cover Material polypropylene
Fittings ¼" I.D. tubing

Ordering Information

Used to transfer processor bowls in and out of microwave processors. Made of durable microwave transparent polypropylene plastic.

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