A new product that allows the user of the Scanning Electron Microscope to check the performance of their instrument to make sure that it is working within the manufactures specification.

A useful tool to all Scanning Electron Microscope users such as Researchers, Technologists, Quality Assurance Departments, and SEM users with Energy Dispersive or Wavelength Dispersive X-ray systems fitted, because it enables them to readily assess the state of their instrument.

1. Standards

Co (Cobalt) is compulsory for checking Energy Dispersive analyzers. The customer can choose any other five from our lists, with the exception of the SRM 481, SRM 482 and SRM 1872.

2. Duplex Brass

Used for checking the contrast efficiency of Back Scattered detectors and it is capable of detecting two major copper/zinc phases of 0.1 atomic number difference.

3. Faraday Cage

A Faraday cage is used for measuring the current of the beam at the specimen plane. The beam of electrons is focused inside the hole by increasing the magnification so that when the hole fills the screen all the electrons are trapped and a true measure of current is achieved. The Hole size in FC `aperture' - 150 microns.

4. S168T

Is a sample of gold crystals on a carbon background which is useful for checking the performance of the SEM under high-resolution conditions i.e. finer than a 10 micron probe.

5. S1930

Silicon test specimen with squares of periodicity 9.9 micrometers lines about 1.9 micrometers wide which has formed by electron beam lithography - used for magnification calibration and assessing image distribution.

Is mounted on a brass block 32 mm diameter x 5 mm thick
Has a S168U Gold on Carbon used for low KV resolution check.
1000 mesh and a 2000 mesh grid for magnification calibration of Scanning Electron Microscope.

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