These sturdy dependable rotary cutters are in daily use worldwide in schools, offices, studios and darkrooms. The baseboard features 10mm squares for accurate placement of cutting material. The self-sharpening Sheffield steel cutting blade can handle almost any flexible material up to 2.0mm in thickness. A single square guide rail holds the cutting head in precise cutting position. The clamp strip is transparent for easy of positioning. There are also "A" size indicators and two additional metric/imperial scale bars.

Cutting Applications:

Aluminum (0.5mm), Banners, Canvas, Card, Cellophane, Cibachrome, Cork, Corrugated Card, Craft Paper, Crepe Paper, Digital Prints, Encapsulations, Engraving Laminates, Felt, Floor Graphics, Foam (5.0mm), Foil, Hardboard (2.0mm)

Cut Size Cut Dimensions Weight
26.75" (680mm) 2-Way 24x15.75" (61x40cm) 13.2lbs (6kg)
SKU: 74881-26
Pack: Each