Shallow Wide Mouth Flasks, 1000ml

Thermo-Flask provides safe extended temperature retention for specimens stored in liquid nitrogen or solid CO2, and thus have a broad range of applications in industrial, educational, and clinical fields.

Thermo-Flask features borosilicate glass inner liners which have been evacuate to 1x10-5 mm of Hg to provide maximum coolant retention.

Example of Possible Retention Times at 80% Full Liquid Nitrogen Retention:

Shallow Wide Mouth Flasks

  • Convenient dish-shaped design is ideal for bench top use with crushed ice, dry- ice, or alcohol
  • Also great as a hot liquid container
  • Stainless steel jacket and cushioned base will provide years of trouble-free use
  • Excellent for use as a cold trap
Capacity (ml) I.D. inches O.D. inches Height inches
1000 5⅜ 7 4⅛
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