U-Universal Epitope Recovery Buffer 10x Stock

Epitope Recovery Buffers

Epitopes of different nature may require different recovery buffers for the best results.

Most epitopes can be unmasked on FF/PE sections with R-Universal buffer (considering that the majority of commercial antibodies are prepared against peptide epitope or bacteria-expressed fragment of a protein). Nevertheless, we found some cases where buffers besides R-Universal achieve a better result. Depending on the structure of the epitope and amino acids comprising it, different buffers should be used for epitope recovery.

The type of epitope defines the most appropriate recovery buffer.

In cases where R-Universal may not be the best buffer, as well as standard EDTA etc., the Technical Data Sheets may be used to choose the most appropriate buffer for epitope recovery in relation to the type of the epitope.

In total, we offer 5 different buffers for antigen recovery. Most epitopes can be perfectly recovered in R-Universal buffer, including those usually recovered in Citrate/EDTA/Tris-EDTA buffers. Two new buffers offer solutions for rare, but still existing cases where antibodies give an incorrect pattern on a retrieved solution or no staining at all. We also now offer standard Low pH (Citrate) or "L-Recovery" and High pH "H-Recovery" (EDTA) buffers in case you already use antibodies known to work after tissue processing in one of these buffers.

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