1/5 Hp Recirculating Heater/Chiller

E4800 Recirculating Heater/Chillers

Recommended for open and closed loop applications, offering simplicity, reliability and quiet operation. The range includes the E4860, 4870, 4880 and 4890.


  • Precise temperature control
  • Quiet, efficient operation
  • Proven reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly - avoids running water to waste

Some typical applications

  • Vacuum coating equipment
  • Critical point dryers including the E3100
  • Electron microscopes
  • Chromatography equipment
  • Electrophoresis baths
  • Environmental chambers
  • Crystal growth apparatus
  • Fermentation equipment
  • Interferometers
  • Photographic baths
  • X-ray equipment
  • Polarimeters, refractometers and many others

Temperature control

Many instruments measuring physical properties depend on accurate control of temperature and in some processes optimum temperature is essential. With the E4800 series, over-cooling (which affects efficiency) is prevented and the water temperature can be accurately controlled over the range -10 to +60°C.

A commonly misunderstood feature of refrigerated systems is in applications where the control temperature is other than at or near room temperature. When the instruments are to be operated at controlled temperatures below ambient, the extraction deteriorates significantly and, as a guide, the compounded change is 4% per degree Celsius. In practice, the refrigerant gas pressure has to be adjusted to optimize the performance at any particular temperature. However, the E4800 series incorporate automatic adjustment valves in the systems.

The E4800 series are "closed loop" and efficiencies are dramatically improved compared with open bath models. They are simple to set up and to operate, and essentially maintenance free.

Choosing the correct heater/chiller

In order to optimize performance from a heater/chiller system, the correct specification must be selected for a particular application. To cool or heat any instrument or system it is important to obtain the following information from the manufacturer:

  • Heat load to be dissipated to water, for an electron microscope: diffusion pump heater, lenses, etc
  • Flow rate and size of tubing
  • Minimum pressure

With this information, consult the Specifications below and select the appropriate heater/chiller. The basic heat load calculation formula is as follows:

Flow rate x weight of fluid x specific heat x D T = Heat Extraction.


Heat Extraction Rates (in Watts) - 20°C - 10°C 0°C +10°C + 20°C
E4860 75W 105W 180W 300W 420W
4.5kW Recirculator 700W 1kW 2kW 3kW 4.5kW
6kW Recirculator 800W 1.3kW 2.6kW 4.5kW 6kW


Model E4860
Extraction rate at 20°C 400W
Temperature range -20°C to +70°C
Refrigeration (HP) 1/5
Heater rating 1kW
Max pump flow 450L/h
Tank capacity 1.2L
Max pump pressure psi/bar 12/60psi
Height 37cm
Width 32cm
Depth 46cm
Weight 40kg
Water connections 16mm hose or 1/8 BSP
Temperature sensor R.T. Probe

Optional Attachments

  • High pressure pump for E4860 and E4870 (standard in E4880 and E4890)
  • Water failure alarm
  • Over and under temperature cut out
    NOTE: Larger capacity heater/chillers (6kW and 12kW) are available on request - please contact us for further information
  • Custom-made heater/chiller units
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