16 Well Culturewell™ Removeable Chambered Coverglass

CultureWell™ with removable chambered coverglass – ideal for cell culture and fluorescence imaging applications

The 2 x 8, 16 chambered coverglass is like a chambered slide with the imaging advantages of a removable coverglass substructure. It is designed with standard 96 well plate volumes and well spacing. The non-cytotoxic silicone well gasket forms a leak-proof seal between the polystyrene upper structure and the coverglass. CultureWell™ Chambered Coverglass is shipped sterile and ready to use.


  • The growth surface is No. 1.5 German borosilicate coverglass.
  • Inert, non-cytotoxic silicone permits complete edge-to-edge growth of cells.
  • Well spacing allows use of multi-channel pipettes for ease and speed of handling
  • Cell growth characteristics are optimal due to the use of inert silicone materials and manufacturing process.
  • Quality test for non-leakage, cell growth and coverglass removal to ensure consistent results
  • Silicone well gasket remains attached to coverglass after separation, allowing wells to be used as reagent reservoirs
  • Gasket well design is ideally suited for small volume incubations, in-situ hybridization and immunostaining
  • Black well gasket reduces light scatter, enhancing fluorescence applications. The gasket can easily be removed from the coverglass for mounting
  • Frosted microscope slides are provided for mounting

Key product dimensions include:

  • Coverslip gasket thickness is 0.5 mm
  • Interior diameter of each well is approx. 6 mm
  • Volume per gasket well (upper structure removed) is approx. 9 µl
  • Volume per well with the upper structure is 250 µl

16 Well CultureWell™ Removeable Chambered Coverglass
No 1.5 Desag Coverglass; Sterile
Culture area per well 0.4 cm2

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Pack: 5 Pack