24 Meshwell Plate with Tray and Lid

These plates are made from LEXAN™ and at the bottom of the wells is an ETFE Monofilament Screening fabric with a 500 µm (0.0197") opening.

The plate comes with and fits into a LEXAN™ tray with a lid. The plate can be lifted out of the tray with the lid in place using the set screw located in the middle of the plate.

These plates may be used for immunohistochemistry as well as any other procedures where you need to float sections for staining as well as for process testing for other application.

The size of the inner mesh tray is 119 mm (L) x 76 mm (W) x 17 mm (H). The complete system measures 152 mm (L) x 101 mm (W) x 27 mm (H).

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