2mm ODx0.53mm AU Aperture, 15Um

Platinum apertures are easily cleaned by either an aperture flamer or over a bunsen burner in the open air. We maintain a wide variety of Platinum Drilled Apertures in stock with different configurations suiting all of your needs.

Platinum Apertures size tolerances vary as follow:

  • Nominal hole diameter: +/- 1 micron
  • Disc diameter: +/- 10 microns
  • Disc thickness: +/- 10 microns

Ordering information: Gold (Au); Platinum (Pt); Molydenum Mo

Hole Sizes not listed are available upon special request.

2mm O.D. x 0.53mm thick: Cambridge, Siemens, JEOL, Cameca
SKU: 42015-Au
Pack: Each
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