4-Chamber Lab-Tek® II Slide

  • Sterile, Chamber Slide™ products have removable, polystyrene media chamber of 1, 2, 4, and 8-well configuration
  • Low fluorescent glass microscope slide (25 x 75 x 1.2 mm) with rounded corners
  • Biocompatible adhesive
  • Polystyrene cover
  • Inert hydrophobic well border printed on slide
  • SuperFrost printed area

Lab-Tek® II Chamber Slide™ products offer optimal surface for excellent attachment and growth of cells, easily distinguished by the blue mark. This design allows for the removal of the media chamber and adhesive from the slide, using a separation device. The blue hydrophobic border is raised slightly and isolates the individual wells, and prevents cross contamination. The slide can be coversliped.

Lab-Tek® II comes packed in a sterile sealed tray. 8 units per tray, 2 trays per pack and 12 trays per case.

SKU: 70379-44
Pack: 6 Tray