4 Disc Forensic Gunshot Residue Field Kit

Our comprehensive line of high-quality GSR field sampling kits includes certified SEM pin stubs with double-coated adhesive carbon tabs in plastic tubes. The certified SEM pin stubs have very low amounts of Pb, Sb and Ba, not detectable by SEM/EDX. The caps securely hold the GSR sample disc for easy GSR collection. Pre-labeled discs and tubes are both ready-for-sampling. A sturdy, sealed tamper evident transport box is also included.

Kit Contents

  • Certified SEM pin mounts with adhesive carbon discs in pre-labeled tubes
  • Powder-free nitrile gloves
  • Evidence label
  • Chain of custody label on box
  • Tamper-evident cardboard transport box (4½"W x 3¾"D x 3"H)
  • Tamper-evident seal
  • Instruction sheet

Product Details

  • 4-Disc GSR Field Kit is useful for sampling palm and back separately on both hands

Useful for sampling palm and back separately on both hands.

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Pack: Kit