4"(10Cm) Wafer Precut To 20X20mm, 10 Chips/Wafer

Silicon Chip Specimen Supports

These mounts are perfect for applications where the surfaces of carbon or aluminum stubs may cause interference. They have surface properties equal to glass, are opaque, and possess low electrical resistance.


  • Examining small particles with fine structure.
  • Mounting cell structures.
  • Determining contrast and resolution of "in-the-lens" field emission SEMs.

All chips are packaged clean and polished on one side. Attach to any type of specimen stub. Each chip is pre-cut from a 4" (10 cm) wafer.


Surface Roughness: less than 1nm
Crystallographic Orientation: (100)
Resistance: 1-30 Ohms
Type: P(Boron)(1 primary flat)
Wafer Thickness: 460-530 µm
SiO2 Top Coat: None
Dimensions 20 x 20 mm
Chips per Wafer 10


SKU: 71893-13
Pack: Each
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