665ml Lab Grade Dewar, Std Base, 86mm OD x 241mm H

These lab grade dewars are rated the most efficient glass Dewars in the World! The superior ranking is due to the rigid quality control when manufacturing, along with superior design and manufacturing features.

  • Weighted bases on all models for stability
  • Supplied stopper tops off Dewars to minimize evaporation
  • Evacuation tip completely shielded for increased protection
  • Optional full length metal housing on most models for added protection
  • No pads between walls on cylindrical Dewars eliminating this heat transfer potential
  • Efficiency assured by rigid bakeout and evacuation control (evacuated to 10-5 torr or better)

The protective aluminum bases on both styles extend the full height of the Dewars.

Note that protected vacuum tip-off tubulations are offset to the side to minimize space between the Dewar bottoms and magnetic stirrers.

All Wide Mouth models can be obtained with an exterior metal housing that extends nearly to the top rim of the Dewar (a slight extension of the glass Dewar facilitates pouring). This housing adds the safety of metal to the efficiency of glass, particularly important in handling operations.

Lab Grade Dewars with a narrow mouth are ideal for temporary storage or for room-to-room transfer. Standard features include low evaporation cork stopper, fully shielded evacuation tip, weighted bases and partial aluminum base.

All Lab Grade Dewars are manufactured of borosilicate glass for liquid nitrogen service. A sturdy mesh cover facilitates a firm grip, provides a cushion against bumping and increases protection.

No pads between walls on the Dewars eliminates heat transfer potential. Optional full length metal housing for added protection.



665 ml,
Std Base
70 86 241 Cylindrical,
Wide Mouth
SKU: 61888-09
Pack: Each