8", Scd, Psa Back, 1200 Grit, 25/Bx

We offer the finest wet or dry abrasive discs for sample preparation with the following features:

  • Premium Resin Bonding System for longer wear rates as well as for wet or dry operation
  • Special adhesive on PSA* backed discs that eliminates the need to transfer to plates
  • Uniform mineral size
  • Pull tabs on all PSA backed discs for easy use
  • Large labels for easy product identification
  • PSA: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Available in 9 different grit sizes, ranging from coarse to fine, on plain back or water resistant pressure sensitive adhesive back.
Available in 8" diameter discs as a standard, and 12" discs available upon request.

SKU: 50255-10
Pack: 25 Box