900nm Nanosphere Size Standard

Particle-size standards are certified for mean diameter and are traceable to the National Bureau of Standards (NBS). Duke Scientific's new line of standards in the submicrometer size range is called Nanosphere Size Standards™, and Monosized Polymer Microspheres.

  • Nanosphere Size Standards are highly uniform polystyrene spheres calibrated in billionths of a meter (nanometer) with NBS traceable methodology.
  • Nanosphere Size Standards are used in the calibration of electron microscopes, aerosol and liquid particle studies, chromatography columns, and laser light scattering studies. The 20 to 1000 nm range is suitable for checking the size of bacteria, viruses, ribosomes and sub-cellular components. Nanosphere Size Standards are packaged as aqueous suspensions in dropper-tipped bottles.

Specific gravity: 1.05 g/ml R
Refractive index of 1.58 @ 589 nm (25°C).

TM Trademark of Duke Scientific Corp.

Nanosphere Size Standards Ordering Information:

Mean Dia.
Size Uniformity
Std. Dev.&C.V
900 nm 895 nm+/-8.0 nm 9.1 nm (1.0%) 1%
SKU: 70893
Pack: 15 mL
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