Stage Micrometer Model SM-5

EMS is proud to add to our already extensive line -- a new wide range of Microscopy Calibration Standards and Standard Graticules, which are manufactured in the USA. This new line adheres to extremely tight tolerances and all of them are available with or without Secondary or Direct NIST certification.

Model SM-5

1.0 inch/25 mm X&Y Axis Linear Scale (0.001"/ 25µm div.)

The SM-5 is an ideal slide for measuring X & Y axis subjects at multiple power levels in either English or Metric scales. A truly versatile slide, it is precision imaged for the sharpest line edge quality and offered with NIST traceability to improve the accuracy and ease of your measurements.


Glass Size 1.5" x 3" (38 mm x 75 mm)
Scale Length 1 inch (English) X & Y axis
25 mm (Metric) X & Y axis
Divisions English = 0.001"; Metric = 25µm (0.025 mm)
With numerical labeling every 1 mm and 0.1"
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