S18 Brightfield Stage Micrometer

EMS is proud to introduce the S18 Brightfield Stage Micrometer: Graduated Metric and English Scales for the calibration of measurement instruments across a wide range of magnifications.

This flexible graduated scale stage micrometer is suitable for low magnification stereo inspection microscopes to higher magnification compound microscopes.

Key Features

  • Dual Scales: 25mm and 1 Inch
  • Graduated Divisions, fine for low magnifications, mid for medium magnifications, and large for high magnifications:
    • 25mm/0.5mm, 5mm/0.1mm, 1mm/0.01mm
    • 1"/0.05", 4/20"/0.01", 1/20"/0.001"
  • High Definition, chrome on glass image
  • Ideal for you if you use both metric and English measurements

Detail of Scales

The scales are centered on all glass slides 76mm x 25mm x 1.5mm thick.


Line Width Accuracy (overall) Image Type
0.0025mm (2.5 micron) .0.002mm Low reflective chrome surface
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Cat #: 68043-30 Description: S18 Pack: Each Price: $315.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 68043-35 Description: S18 with UKAS Certificate Pack: Each Price: $1,079.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 68043-40 Description: S18 with NPL Certificate Pack: Each Price: $0.00 Add to Quote: