Achromatic Magnifier, 4x and 2x

The magnifying glass introduced here is the new version of the classic magnifying glass used by the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. This achromatic is more defined in its function and can give you more accurate details of the subject to be observed. This magnifier is composed by two optical glass lenses, which are cemented together. The image seen through this lens is free of color and gives sharp contours so that no vague lines will be found throughout the entire image field.

With a solid red wood handle and a red mark at the base of the lens frame, this reminds you to use the face having this red point upwards.

The lens diameter is 37 mm and the magnifying power is 4x. Both faces are purple coated and they measure 39 x 15 x 155 mm., Weight 73 g

Cat # Description Pack Price Quote Quantity
Cat #: 68111-4X Description: Achromatic Magnifier, 4X Pack: Each Price: $83.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 68111-2X Description: Achromatic Magnifier, 2X Pack: Each Price: $87.00 Add to Quote: