Activated Carbon Filter, TFS Shandon Instruments

EMS introduces an amazing alternate to brand-name original carbon filters. These filters perform the same, if not better, than the brand-name at a fraction of the cost.

The cartridges contain a high grade activated carbon which absorbs most organic and inorganic vapors, including, but not limited to, xylene, formalin, methanol, toluene, isopropyl alcohol and much more.

Outstanding Features

  • Reduced costs
  • Identical size and fitting as brand name

Replacement Reference Guide


GLX Stainer 3 mos
HyperClean Fume Hood
Consul/ClearVue Coverslipper
Excelsior Tissue Processor
Varistain Stainer/Gemini ES Stainer

* Replacement intervals are based on the current instrument equipment manufacturer guidelines. Replacement times will vary significantly depending on throughput.

SKU: 62654-08
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