Alcian Blue 8GX, Certified

C56H68N16S4Cu   F.W. 1298.88   CAS #12040-44-7 Dye Content: Approx. 50% Solubility: Water-soluble

Used as a fixative: 0.5-2% Alcian Blue in Glutaraldehyde fixative enhances the preservation and contrast of the cell coat and intercellular substances. Used as a stain: For staining cell surface materials and cartilage components. Schofield, et al., Histochem J. 7, 139,1975 Used as a wetting agent: Sommer, J. R (1977). To cationize glass. J.Cell Bio. 75, 245a. Alcian Blue and Ruthenium Red were used to study cartilage ultrastructure. Thyberg, J., Lohmander, S., and Friberg, U., J. Ultrastruct. Res., 45, 407 (1973).

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