AMCU High Load Platform 75x90

High load anti-vibration platforms for heavy instruments

  • Pump up air isolators with natural frequency of 3Hz remove up to 97% of vibrations at 50Hz
  • Pharma grade stainless seamless construction makes it suitable for use in most laboratory environments
  • Options include a heavy duty stand with optional retractable castor feet

Our range of high load isolation platforms is large enough to support instruments with a footprint up to 900 x 900 mm and weighing up to 1,000 kg. The 3Hz natural frequency air isolators effectively remove most vibrations while maintaining excellent stability. The rigid frame option has leveling feet which ensure the table is in excellent contact with the floor.

The isolators are simply pumped up with a foot pump,which floats the instrument away from the floor, isolating out vibrations above 6Hz well below the frequencies at which typical building vibrations begin to occur.


Load Capacity 1,000 kg
Level Adjustment 6 mm
Isolator Surface Pharma grade stainless steel
Isolators 4off cushion air isolators (hand pumped via Schrader valve)
Isolation Performance

Natural Frequency 3 to 5Hz
Working Temperature -20°C to 160°C
Bacterial Resistance No growth
Fungal Resistance No growth
Heat Aging Stable
Weight 60 kg
SKU: 6954
Pack: Each
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