AMFH Breadboard with Active Air Isolation-60x60

M6 x 25 mm hole pattern

  • Wide range of vibration isolation active air isolation breadboards with M6 x 25 mm hole pattern in sizes from 60 x 60 to 120 x 75 cm
  • Incorporates unique air damped rolling diaphragm sub 2Hz isolators which remove up to 99% of vibrations
  • A modular range of options allows you to configure tables to your own specifications
  • Stainless steel version meets stringent cleanliness requirements and is resistant to almost all forms of chemical attack
  • Sound deadened table construction eliminates surface vibrations

Our range of active isolation breadboards allows you to build up systems on a bench with the advantage of a high performance isolation system being built into the breadboard. The air isolation effectively removes most removes most vibrations while combining excellent stability. The damped rolling diaphragm isolators have a low natural frequency of 2Hz which effectively isolates out vibrations above 6Hz well below the frequencies at which typical building vibrations begin to occur. A wide range of option includes: frames, guard rails, monitor arms, castors, stainless surface and silent air compressors.


Platform Working Height (mm) 60
Load Capacity 100 kg
Level Adjustment (mm) ±3 mm
Surfaces Ferritic satin silicon stainless steel
Isolators 4off damped rolling diaphragm, active air self-leveling
Isolation Performance

97 percent
99 percent
Natural Frequency 2Hz
Air Supply 5 bar (max 7) via 6 mm push-fitting
Working Temperature -20°C to 160°C
SKU: 6210
Pack: Each
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Material Stainless Steel