AMS Sorbothane Balance Platform 30x45

Available for balances or instruments

  • Unique Sorbothane isolator design removes up to 98 percent of unwanted vibrations
  • Custom Damped Sorbothane low frequency isolators built in
  • Pharma grade stainless meets stringent cleanliness requirements and is resistant to almost all forms of chemical attack
  • Sound deadened layer construction eliminates surface vibrations

Sorbothane elastomer isolators have outstanding damping performance compared to isolators that use springs, rubber, or neoprene and so eliminate any rocking or wobble that is a major problem with other brands of platform. Sorbothane rapidly damps down disturbances to the microscope, such as when it is being touched during operation. It greatly improves image quality by protecting microscopes from both horizontal and vertical vibrations emanating from sources such as floors, walls and benching and caused by traffic, elevators, rotating machinery and numerous other sources.

The seamless design and pharma grade stainless steel featured in the AMS series makes these tables ideal for use laboratories and cleanrooms and in Medical and Biological environments.


Load Capacity 25 kg
Surface Pharma grade stainless steel
Surface Finish Ra 0.05 micron
Isolators 4off sorbothane (thermoset polyester based polyurethane)
Isolation Performance

Natural Frequency 7Hz
Working Temperature -20°C to 160°C
Bacterial Resistance No growth
Fungal Resistance No growth
Heat Aging Stable
Weight 12-15 kg
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