AMSR Sorbothane Isolation Platform-120X75

Sorbothane elastomer isolators have outstanding damping performance compared to isolators that use springs, rubber, or neoprene and so eliminate any rocking or wobble. Sorbothane with a load capacity of 200 kg rapidly damps down disturbances to the microscope. It greatly improves image quality by protecting microscopes from both horizontal and vertical vibrations emanating from sources such as floors, walls and benching caused by traffic, elevators, rotating machinery and numerous other sources.

For heavy instruments


Load Capacity 200 kg
Surface Pharma grade stainless steel
Surface Finish Ra 0.25 micron
Isolators 4off sorbothane (thermoset polyester based polyurethane)
Isolation Performance

Natural Frequency 7Hz
Working Temperature -20°C to 160°C
Bacterial Resistance No growth
Fungal Resistance No growth
Heat Aging Stable
Weight 15-30 kg
SKU: 6872-120
Pack: Each