33C Fluoropolymer Films

ACLAR® is made from fluorinated-chlorinated resins. There are four basic film types–the homopolymer ACLAR® Rx Series, the copolymers ACLAR® 22A and 33C and the new ACLAR® Cx. (Honeywell/Allied Signal). The chemical make-up of all ACLAR® products provide an exceptional moisture barrier. ACLAR® is crystal clear, biochemically inert, highly resistant to most chemicals and sterilizable by heat or radiation. ACLAR® is used widely in pharmaceutical, medical, sensitive electronics and military packaging.

ACLAR® 33C is a copolymer film consisting primarily of chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE). It offers an outstanding moisture barrier, excellent chemical resistance and minimal dimensional change (<2%), making it the best choice for use in microscopy.


  • Crystal clear, high UV transparency– ideal for use in UV curing of embedding resin in microscopy.
  • Chemically stable and biochemical\y inert– the product of choice for growing cell cultures.
  • Low dielectric constant, high electric strength and dissipation factor– offers excellent cell attachment even through lengthy processing procedures.
  • Low surface energy–and separates easily from epoxy.
  • Exhibits no detectable autofluorescence– ideal for fluorescent microscopy.
  • A non-flammable, non-aging co-polymer– which is suited for sterilization by heat or UV.
  • Crystalline melting point is 206°C (403°F)– stable in the SEM.
  • Flexible and soft– can be sectioned without damage to the ultramicrotome knives.
ACLAR® 33C Film

ACLAR® 33C film is now available in 7.8 mil (199µm) thickness and it is offered in a 8” x 10” sheet form with package quantities of 10 or 25.

ACLAR® 33C Physical Data Sheet

(These are only typical values and are not to be interpreted as product specifications):

  Typical Value  
[email protected] 73°F ~50% RH English Metric Test Method
Gravity Specific 2.12 ASTM D1505
Yield 7.8 mil 1,677 in2/lb. 2.38m2/kg  
Haze <4.5% ASTM D1003
Crystalline Melting Point 403°F 206°C ASTM D4591
Dimensional Stability, 10 min @ 300°F
ASTM D1204
Tensile Strength
3000-4600 psi
3000-4000 psi
21-32 MPa
21-38 MPa
Elongation (MD/TD) 50-125% ASTM D882
Modulus, Secant (MD/TD) 185,000-200,000 psi 1276-1379 MPa ASTM D882
Tear Strength, Graves (MD/TD) 425-525 g/mil ASTM D1004
Water Vapor Transmission
Rate @ 100°F/ 100% RH
0.003 gm/100 in2/day 0.047 gm/m2/day ASTM F1249
Thermal Conductivity 4.7 x 10-4 cal-cm/cm2sec °C  
Flammability Nonflammable  
Oxygen Index 100 ASTD D2683
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Cat #: 50425-10 Description: Aclar 33C Film, 8X10, 7.8 Mil Pack: 10 Pack Price: $88.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 50425-25 Description: Aclar 33C Film, 8X10, 7.8 Mil Pack: 25 Pack Price: $200.00 Add to Quote: