AP100 Grease

Apiezon Greases are unique products, designed for use in high vacuum work:

  • Excellent lubricants
  • High purity, low vapor pressure – non-contamination in analysis
  • The working temperature range of each grease is dependent on the grade that is used
  • Easily applied, easily cleaned off
  • Silicone free. This benefits scientific users because the risk of sample contamination and consequently the risk of interference in analytical techniques such as infra-red or mass spctrometry, etc. is avoided
  • Approved by NASA and NATO
Typical Property AP100
Main area of
Melting Point:
ASTM.D 566
Working temp. range °C
Vapor Pressure
Torr @20°C
Relative Density 20°C 1.042
Radiation Resistance No
Lubricity 4 Ball Test
ASTM .D 2763
(IP 239), Kg
Viscosity of molten
grease, cP
Coefficient of
expansion per °C
over 20°C-30°C
Thermal conductivity,
Latent heat of fusion,
Fusion Peak °C -
Vol. resistivity, cm -
Permittivity -
Loss tangent -
Surface breakdown
at flash over, kV
Electric strength, V -

*Too close to room temperature to measure

Apiezon Grease, Type AP100

Apiezon AP100 Grease is a silicone-free vacuum grease and lubricant. Containing PTFE, AP100 exhibits extremely high levels of lubricity and has been shown to provide eight times the level of lubrication offered by standard, petroleum-based lubricating greases.

Apiezon AP100 is designed for use at ambient temperatures (generally between 10 to 30°C / 50 to 86°F). If you are looking for a grease capable of performing at higher temperatures, Apiezon AP101 or Apiezon H Grease may be more appropriate.


  • Has anti-seize properties, making it an effective protector and lubricant in ultra-high vacuums
  • Exhibits extremely high levels of lubricity
  • Demonstrates an extremely low vapor pressure of 7 x 10-11 Torr at 20°C
  • Recommended for use at ambient temperatures
  • Does not suffer from contamination problems associated with silicone based greases such as "creep" or "carry over"
  • Easy to clean and remove using hot water and an aqueous glassware detergent, hydrocarbon or chlorinated solvents


The unique properties of Apiezon AP100 lubricating vacuum grease mean it is frequently used to protect stepping motors and gearboxes from corrosion and abrasion, particularly when they are subjected to high load conditions. AP100 is also used to prevent seizure in stopcocks, taps and small metal fastenings.

The creep resistance of Apiezon AP100 benefits scientific and semiconductor users alike. AP100 helps to increase the accuracy of analytical techniques and improve yields in semiconductor manufacture by contamination avoidance. In addition, AP100 is used for surface coating applications where silicone contamination can lead to poor surface adhesion and incomplete coating defects.

Manufacturer: Apiezon
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