Apiezon Wax Q Compound

Apiezon Vacuum Sealing, Mounting, and Etching Waxes

The Apiezon range of waxes features three products including the popular Apiezon Wax W, also known as 'Black Wax'. All three waxes in the Apiezon range can be used as permanent or semi-permanent vacuum sealants or mounting media. Apiezon Wax W is also a perfect etch resist.

Why use Apiezon Waxes?

  • Versatile products suitable for a multitude of uses
  • Etch resist (Wax W only)
  • First-rate vapor pressure characteristics
  • High purity combined with powerful gettering & clean meltdown properties
  • Excellent waterproof media
  • Easy to use and to remove
  • 10 year shelf life


  • Apiezon Q Compound: Vacuum Sealing Compound
Apiezon Q Compound

Apiezon Q Compound is an effective temporary vacuum sealant that is used as a short term solution in situations which do not allow for the immediate dismantling of a system for repair.

Why use Apiezon Q Compound?

  • Temporary vacuum sealant
  • Versatile product suitable for a multitude of uses
  • Excellent waterproof medium
  • Easy to use and to remove
  • 10 year shelf life

Waxes and Q Compound Properties

Typical Property Q Compound
Approximate Softening Point °C
Estimated Vapor
Pressure @ 20°C / 68°F, torr
1 x 10-4
Temperature for Application °C
Working Temperature Range °C
Water Permeability
g/cm/hr/mm Hg @ 25°C

1 Kg

Thermal/Electrical Properties
Thermal Conductivity @ 20°C,
w/m °C
Specific Heat @ 25°C, J/g N/A
Loss Tangent N/A
Permittivity N/A
Volume Resistivity, Ω cm N/A
Manufacturer: Apiezon
SKU: 60713
Pack: 1 kg
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Shelf Life 360 months