Armray Base Universal Holder, Pin A

Our specimen holders are designed to improve your productivity and allow you to view more than one sample at a time. You will save pump down time, keep your chamber cleaner and get more work done. All mounts are machined from solid aluminum and come with spring clips/or setscrews to hold your specimens securely. All mounts are made to fit onto your stage and are designed to fit through all standard specimen exchange ports, and have a center-threaded port to accept the Adapter Pins. Be sure to order the Adapter Pin that fits your instrument. For this reason, we offer three different types of pin adapters, which are threaded and ready to screw on to the base of the holders.

Overall measurement: 28 mm long x 3.1 mm diameter (step-up portion is 6.25 mm L x 4.8 mm diameter)

All adapters have a threaded portion 5 mm in length.

Universal SEM Sample Holder

This holder will hold almost any sample from 3 mm to 29 mm in diameter plus various odd shaped samples, which one of their dimensions is not greater than 29 mm. The samples are easily inserted or removed from the holder. The holder is made from aluminum and is supplied with four removable sample arms so that it can hold very small samples as well, and it provides good electrical contact to the stage.

For all other makes and models you can choose an Adapter Pin to screw on to the AMRAY base holder.

SKU: 75910-01
Pack: Each